good-timing-bird-and-cruise-shipIf you would like to see examples of these videos used as a background (my example is a WordPress site using Divi theme) visit: Shows a Flyover of Kapalua, Maui

(It seems that Apple products don’t play well with background videos…)

“If you’re looking for an eye catching marketing message that you can use on your website, Facebook, etc., combining your message with a background video can be very effective.” – Bob

We use a DJI Mavic Pro drone, Canon video camera, Minolta old school film camera and iPhone. (It’s amazing what iPhone cameras can do!)

Main email: bobmichaelson<at>

2nd mail: bobm<at>

Extensive experience and expertise with WordPress, Divi (see on your Windows device) HTML sites, ecommerce sites and localization into foreign languages.

My background / bio / RECOMMENDATION

  • Widely published international photographer, videographer and author.
  • “We did business in China together, where Bob enjoys great respect, and has a strong grasp of the language and culture. I endorse him unconditionally…” William Pearsall Recommendation Letter
  • From 2016 to 2020 worked as a de facto 1/2 time employee and then a contractor for Kapalua Realty Co Ltd., located on Maui, Hawaii; they have since merged with/been acquired by Coldwell Banker, Pacific Properties.
  • During that time I built the KR website and took it from 0 to 60 (pages/MPH)
  • Handled SEO and other marketing initiatives.
  • Founder & President of SinoMetrics International, Inc. from 1993 to 2003
  • Studied Chinese since 1983 (started as an undergrad at UC Berkeley); received tutoring in Harbin, China for two years, still practice.
  • Life changing, language changing experience in China!
  • Also taught an Economics class in Harbin!

I manage other websites, such as and when I’m not busy.